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How to get a lot of subscribers!

Ever thought to yourself that you wanted to become famous? Like on youtube or something? Well I think that we have just the thing for you here! It's kind of like a step by step kind of thing. It'll show you what to do and what not to do. 

School is almost here!

School is coming soon so I would recommend shopping for stuff at Walmart or Zehrs. Also which one do you think is better? Walmart or Zehrs? The votes will be counted during from the 18th of August to September 1st.

We have a new minecraft server!

Check out our new Plot Server here! Plot Server IP: It will be Exciting!

Hello Watchers!

Hello everyone this is TheChargedCreepers official website an we're excited! So we hope you enjoy!

Keep on clicking That subscribe button on youtube guys! 

Check out our newest channel's first video!